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Diving Deer develops and delivers custom-made websites and apps.

The main focus lies on back-end development and low-level programming.

Though there is also knowledge of front-end development and web design.


Diving Deer believes in freedom and openness, transparency in balance with privacy.

Therefore Diving Deer will try to preserve the independence of the client. This is done by choosing open-source software, seperate hosting parties and providing a well documented copy of the code.


Diving Deer begins with listening to the client, but also anticipates. This makes the needs of the client clearer. It allows Diving Deer to bring up things that are needed, but the client does not know that they are needed.

All work and communication is done with the philosophy in mind.


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Diving Deer has a stronge preference for plain text emails send to

If possible use PGP to encrypt and sign emails.
Public key of Diving Deer: 0x4CB6361E

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Diving Deer is the pseudonym of Frederik van Doorn and is registered as a company.

Chamber of Commerce (NL): 66990696
VAT Registration Number: NL215159561B01

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